Was asked to create a visual response for the word "Bamboo" by the wonderful & talented Megan Deal. She didn't include any more details... Will find out soon!


Thursday art table!

Every Thursday I have been setting up a creative space for people to work in at the Branch 3 Opportunity center in Minneapolis. I have met some incredible people with amazing stories. This is an experiment using art as therapy and also a gateway to meet, learn from, and share stories with strangers in the community. This coming Tuesday, 11/2, they are going to show their first body of work at the Center's re-opening. I will post more of their work and pictures of their first show soon!

Poster created by Art Table's regulars: Marvin, Timmy Lee, and myself.

Feel like joining us? More information about The Opportunity Center: chttp://www.ccspm.org/branch3.aspx


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