Children's book Illustration

Children's book Illustration


"My Grandmas"
"Noodle Lovers!" Red pen drawing + real eyeballs photographed + digital color ='s Katelyn has lost her mind. This is for digital illustration and I love this class because anything goes. James O'brien is a great teacher and lets us explore whatever routs we have the urge to take. Digital illustration is also great because there is no mess to clean up afterwards. Well, except with the eraser tool ; )

"The Blues"

Charcoal, Intro to Illustration


"South Turtle Lake"

Mixed media, plus my shitzu Cammie. My brother Bud's title for this is... "Cammie Kills another" (From her breath) This is for my intro to Illustration Class. We had to do a piece on what we think of when we think of Minnesota. I love Minnesota for the beautiful summers it bares and holidays up to my cabin.



Unsettling but beautiful

I came across a PostSecret book filled with all sorts of these from people all over the world a year or two ago in an Urban Outfitters. I just recently bumped into the PostSecret blog on accident and completely forgot how shocking the things people send in are. It definitely reminds you that people are strange creatures. Even the friendly lunch ladies or your local news caster have creepy secrets and quirks. Check it out: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

Toad on the road

CEO burrito

For digital illustration we had to create a portrait of someone we love/hate. I chose Steve Ells the man that runs the Chipotle empire. Why? For creating a huge addiction in my life. I need it at least once a month. I tracked down Ell's e-mail and sent this to him. I haven't heard back yet. Hopefully he isn't offended! His whole motto is, "you are what you eat" so here is a literal interpretation for him ; 0 After watching HBO's Death on a Factory Farm I came across this video of how Ell's handles his cash cows and pigs... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAAFI9WH_Mk&feature=PlayList&p=65BBDFA7FE5DA7A8&index=0&playnext=1 Seeing this video made me sleep a little easier after watching hours of animal cruelty.


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